HPLIP Printer Application

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As part of my GSoC in 2019, I created a proof of concept framework for Printer Applications. Using this unstable and hacky POC, I created printer application for HPLIP printer driver package. You can find the snapcraft and supporting files here: GitHub. I created the app and just published it on Snap Store without thinking about it. Just to show that this thing can work. Then my GSoC period ended and my project was deprecated to make way for Mike Sweet’s PAPPL.This project is stable and have a zillion times better design and architecture.

Snap Store periodically sends me emails but they go in the Updates section on gmail and I simply ignore them. A few days back I decided to read the email and I got to know that my code have 5700+ weekly active devices. Well, I don’t know about you guys, but this number is huge for me. I don’t even know if my snap is working or not. Probably people just installed it and never use it(because it doesn’t work).

I don’t have any way to test the code now because I don’t have a HP printer. Also, I am not motivated enough to work on this now.

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